When I look at technology today I wonder if it will be better in 2025.Now we have many problems to fix and but not enough time and money to fix them.right now we have to improve major forms of technology not just small things.  One thing that needs to improve is the danger of unsafe socialization sites. Sites like my space and facebook hackers and cyber bullies. Also technology could improve such as finger scanners that can be wrong sometimes and make innocent people go to jail.  Socialization websites are a major threat to social security because they can send bad messages to children. I have cousin who after one year of my space was caught drunk, failed most of her classes, fought against a teacher, brought a steel bat to school, has been arrested & she’s only 12.These sites can’t be deleted but if more and more people die why not.  If I could delete these sites I’d do it right away. I’d also make so that the FBI could find and arrest criminals that use these sites easier.this is key to improving our technology because it doesnt help us in any way. although these sites arent safe for kids kid safe sites would help the next generation by helping each other find new ideas.this would be astep in the right direction  Also technology needs improvising I’d invent something called the cyber world conductor. This machine can send you into the cyber world and cyber cities also if in a freak accident you die in the cyber world you would come back safe in the real world.  Also a task force called the N.C.W.P.A could track down who killed in the CW you and find them in the real world. To travel to the cyber world you need a cwc to take you there.a cwc is free but to by an app to go into it costs $10,to buy a house in it costs $30. plus water and energy bills dont exist here. kids that go here can also attend tutoring here for free. food that you eat there isnt real but the tastes sure owners in the cyber world are payed by the government. exchanging money here is also available. The CW has monitor sations set up in every capital city also since there are basically two www production,organization,the economy,and proccesing ten-fold because of this invention.  One thing that can help as well is that if this machine is a success the hundreds of millions of children around the world can finally go to school it may even cure world hunger

3 thoughts on “Technology

  1. Hey Julian, I think your story was great but in the beginning In the beginning it didn’t really sound like you were talking about your way in improving technology in 2025. You helping others in trouble and struggle is great and nice though out of that what is going to be new in the future. I loved your story Julian, very creative !!!

  2. hey julian, your writing is really good. but you still have a few mistakes that you could correct. Like for example not all your sentences start with capital letters. Also not all the words are spelled correctly. But overall your voice is really good, and your sentences is good. But your organization is a little confusing, because when you were talking about myspace and facebook. But everything is good.

  3. Julian,
    I think many children get into trouble using myspace and facebook, because they join when they are too young and often without the permission of their parents.

    I make sure any websites my students use have an age minimum and if they are not yet 13, I won’t let the students use that site – such as those avatar sites for the blogging challenge.

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