should we encourage kids to use club penguin?

Should kids be encouraged to use club penguin? I think we should. Club penguin is an online atmosphere where kids can communicate as well as play games and customize a childish avatar. This site was especially made for children ages 6-14 in this game the user controls a penguin and buys items with the games virtual currency, which teaches responsibility.

This game was originally a free program until it was bought by Disney inc. and made you need a membership to have all the advances to the game. Although being owned by Disney has its ups as well as it downs. Having Disney’s reputation safety won’t be much of a concern for parents also with dismays well known publicity systems such as coins for change lets you donate online currency to kids who are sick and have diseases.

This game has a system called safe chat and ultimate safe chat. In safe chat the user can freely spell words to comment other people, but the words however get filtered and any swear words that are caught in the filter will be traced and the sender will go into a system of reporting where a user can report another user for bullying or harassing another player the user cannot enter the game until he/she pays a minimum of twenty-four hours unable to sign in and an email to the parent.

In ultimate safe chat the user is only allowed to say words from a menu given to the user so the user is under extreme safety from swear words and revealing private information. Basically you are more limited but you still have the abilities of other users. In fact the only sub-violent act is throwing snowballs at the snowball forts.

All in all I think parents should encourage their kids to have a club penguin and discourage using adult sites such as face book. If something happens on face book to a child you have absolutely no way to legally defend yourself, but on club penguin since it doesn’t have an age range you can legally defend yourself. Although I don’t know what can happen on club penguin that you’d be in court for.


When I look at technology today I wonder if it will be better in 2025.Now we have many problems to fix and but not enough time and money to fix them.right now we have to improve major forms of technology not just small things.  One thing that needs to improve is the danger of unsafe socialization sites. Sites like my space and facebook hackers and cyber bullies. Also technology could improve such as finger scanners that can be wrong sometimes and make innocent people go to jail.  Socialization websites are a major threat to social security because they can send bad messages to children. I have cousin who after one year of my space was caught drunk, failed most of her classes, fought against a teacher, brought a steel bat to school, has been arrested & she’s only 12.These sites can’t be deleted but if more and more people die why not.  If I could delete these sites I’d do it right away. I’d also make so that the FBI could find and arrest criminals that use these sites easier.this is key to improving our technology because it doesnt help us in any way. although these sites arent safe for kids kid safe sites would help the next generation by helping each other find new ideas.this would be astep in the right direction  Also technology needs improvising I’d invent something called the cyber world conductor. This machine can send you into the cyber world and cyber cities also if in a freak accident you die in the cyber world you would come back safe in the real world.  Also a task force called the N.C.W.P.A could track down who killed in the CW you and find them in the real world. To travel to the cyber world you need a cwc to take you there.a cwc is free but to by an app to go into it costs $10,to buy a house in it costs $30. plus water and energy bills dont exist here. kids that go here can also attend tutoring here for free. food that you eat there isnt real but the tastes sure owners in the cyber world are payed by the government. exchanging money here is also available. The CW has monitor sations set up in every capital city also since there are basically two www production,organization,the economy,and proccesing ten-fold because of this invention.  One thing that can help as well is that if this machine is a success the hundreds of millions of children around the world can finally go to school it may even cure world hunger

Meningits “a deadly disease”

My memoir is on the weeks that I had caught meningitis. The days were excruciating. The pain in my head was dreadful. The tiredness, weakness & coldness killed me from the inside out. The constant medicines and doctor visits made my life very monotonous. My family may have been more shocked than I was family members from everywhere came to my aid five people from El Salvador. That includes two uncles; two aunts & my grandma came. Even though my life was so vigorous it was kind of fun I just ordered something and it happened.
What I think was the hardest part was when it started. I was taking a shower one Saturday morning as usual but something felt strange like I had butterflies in my stomach. I went to work with my dad in his truck because we had to make a delivery of food to a Wal-Mart in Fresno. I thought it was a piece of cake but at around three I started getting a headache but I thought it was nothing. I guess I was just trying to act hardy but I felt extremely exhausted but we hadn’t even worked. After coming home from work I lied on a couch and immediately became dizzy, traumatized and cold. I wrapped my self in a blanket and couldn’t move till I went to my room and fell asleep easily. At midnight it happened…a pain in my head so excruciating it woke me up and raised my fever to 105 degrees my mom called 911 and an ambulance picked me up. I didn’t know were I was at first till I remembered I was at the hospital. My family surrounded me awaiting results it turns out I had meningitis a disease that is caused by bacteria build up in the brain and could kill me if I didn’t have shots. The worse that could happen to me though was that I get permanent brain damage. I was lucky enough to leave the hospital with no permanent damage but those memories that pain the agony still haunts me till this very day permanently.
I would just like to inform you on some of the things that happen when you get meningitis. First a small headache starts things off then drowsiness third fever fourth and most of all a severe pain stronger than anything you’ve ever experienced if you get these symptoms tell a parent or if you are a parent or adult call a doctor immediately. These may be signs of meningitis.


It was a nice Saturday in Lawndale, birds chirped; a guy broke his leg on a skateboard, Dogs ran away from their owners. I was walking my dog Eevee when I saw my neighbor Mr.odonell an old man about 68, curly hair and loves dogs but was allergic to fur and couldn’t afford one. This time something was weird he had a dog a small bulldog but a dog. He had a mask for the fur allergies but where did he get the money.He had a $12,000 he made in less than 4 hours and owed the IRS $50,000

The next day went weird I woke up to the sound of dogs barking and paper being Stapled to a tree. A dog was missing but it was a golden retriever that I didn’t know so I Didn’t worry. I went on with my typical Sunday morning walked to the library finished a chapter book lefte I thought this day couldn’t get any weirder  home when it closed. When I got hom

I saw Mr.odonel outside with a leather dog bag.  At that moment a small dog popped out of the bag Then my heart almost stopped. It was a small golden retriever the same one as the one on the Poster.

I couldn’t believe it he had stolen the dogs it all made sense Mr. O’Donnell had stolen the dogs. He couldn’t afford one but many kids had dogs so he could steal them easily.

I thought about how I could prove that he was a dog napper I waited for my parents to fall asleep so I could take pictures of the dogs.  All of a sudden he saw me then he  chased me All the way to the library. I lost him but he looked for me all over the place I thought I was a goner cause then I heard the cops.  I got caught running away  but then I thought this is a good thing I could expose him in a court session if I got put in one I hoped I would or I would be toast.

The whole thing was a disaster two charges against me, no hope & no sympathy. The charges were destruction of property and violation of home. First Being a senior he of course had an Advantage “I’m toast” I said. Finally it was my turn I asked him if he had any dogs at home he said no. Then the judge asked me why I had asked so I said, “Because he’s allergic”. Then I asked the jury if they had any missing dogs two said yes. Finally it was all going to my side.

I asked my dad to give me my cellphone, I showed the jury if it was there’s and they said yes He was declared guilty and every thing went back to normal. The only thing was that Mr.oddonel was arrested and the missing dog owners rewarded me. With the money I bought Another dog just like Eevee. One week later puppies were born one I gave to Mr. O’Donnell